Thursday, 19 May 2011


After probate on my Fathers estate, this wonderful painting will have pride of place on our wall.
I have lusted after this painting for many years, only to be told  'not for sale'.
Hope you all enjoy this painting as much as I do.



  1. I can understand how thrilled and moved you must be to have this memory of your father on your wall. And I'm so glad that, through you, his admirers can still feast on his artistry. Thank you.

  2. That's a beauty, Jonathan, so glad you will have it up in pride of place. love to you all xx

  3. Yes, I agree with Rinkly Rimes and, yes, that is a marvelous painting!

  4. Dear Jonathan,
    that is a beautiful painting! I loved the works of your father so very much - and am thrilled when I see a post in blogland again - thank you for that!

  5. Your late father's painting always reminded me of stained glass with heir intensity of light and colour. I often have the paintings I downloaded from Gerald's site as my desktop. Enjoy yours!

  6. I can understand both your lust and pride.

    Thanks for sharing it!

  7. I visit the blog every now and again when in need of a Gogs fix. Thank you for giving me the chance to add another pic to my screensaver slide show Jonathan. Soph x

  8. A wonderful example of your father's artistry, for you to enjoy and hold dear. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  9. I like this picture, I saw "the next" and hope"from this.

  10. I like this one very much, Jonathan. The hull is very evocative of a whale's tail which, for me, just adds to the artistry of it - a sort of 'man at one with the sea' kind of vibe.

  11. Can you imagine if this is RELLY GERRY?
    Somehow he thought that CONSTARS and STARST was so much more important than " FAMILY".
    I'm not talking MOB " family" that has HTMN and COMSTUL and COMIA with PIA.
    I am talking about REAL family that gives a shit about his existence and not some WERPRIC hood from WASHINGTON or STLECA- TZINGST.
    And if MP in MPARENT with MPLEO is with him, maybe I should have spoken up and said MARY PAT put pins in my bed at 12.
    But was he already long gone by then because truth be told, he could have easily been buggered by a priest at
    " choir school".
    So , if this is RELLYTO - RELLY- " GERIZZO " , maybe you are " APPYR" with CONNIE MACK and THE ROCCE in ROCCAT?
    If that is true, and you took THOMAS with you, I will never forgive you but I will cry for you.
    And for him.
    See you in the movies.
    Let's hope to god they change your name.

  12. For some reason this painting reminds me of Kent - I grew up some of the time there during the war, traveling there by train through the countryside to Margate. I am so glad that you are keeping your father's blog online and contributing from time to time, because the ambience of his work is so Brit! Thank you Jonathan!

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