Saturday, 28 February 2009

Mr Newtons little secret

More culinary tips in "HOME COOKING"

To turn a humble tin of beans into a meal fit for
lesser royalty,bring to a gentle heat then add a
sizable knob of butter or if you are poor some
Flora light,stir gently and add a lot of pepper.
serve on toast or if you are even poorer just
on a plate.

Boyd Senter

I like Boyd Senter halfway between Jazz and Novelty,I did have a 78 of Beale Street Blues but somebody sat on it.PS the piano players name was Russell.


Kumiko sent me this months photo of Mei

Friday, 27 February 2009


In the night a trance.

Culinary delights........Beef curry with rice

I have noticed many blogs carry photos of cooking skills,well here is mine tastily arranged for a photo.
One has to carefully peel back the film lid after seven minutes in the micro
and stir contents before heating for another two minutes at full power.
serve with a little Sharwoods Mango Chutney for best results..............

Field Marshal Montgomery drawn by my father

I am blessed with a lot of really lovely nieces,one of them sent me this portrait of Field marshal Montgomery she had in an old scrap book. It's a great find,it rang a bell with me for I remember seeing it when I was a boy.Grimey was a master of the quick sketch,he could draw a portrait from memory.When we lived in London he would sometimes take us out to Kensington Gardens with sketch books,sit on a bench,watch people walking by then have to draw them from our observations after they had passed. He always got it spot on for both clothes and faces,even type of gait !

Trench warfare

Breaking out

A couple of old (35years)cartoons from one of my sketch books.

Jo and Jo

my favourite patient and good humoured models for many years and for which many thanks Jo and Jo for uncomplainingly putting up with both my tantrums and the draughty studio.

Thursday, 26 February 2009


Kawasaki (early)

And the first
corner that
threw me off

pardon me pretty baby

My favourite song of all times apart from "I'm going to sit right down and write myself a letter" by Billy Williams or The Boswell Sisters


Wonder if he
could speed up my computer?

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Mary Pickford

Curves ahead

Model T ford ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,&,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,model



Well better than a Harley..... about the same performance though on second thoughts probably much faster.(hee hee) (Velocette man)

Life in Geeland

Peace and solitude

. The lane leading to the studio in Wales.Not exactly a motorway but it's so much nicer to drive down and even better to walk it.I will be there springtime I hope.Click for a better view. The studio,an old mill is just visible through the trees,the river on the left is not.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Economic solution

And apparently they are looking for higher wages for themselves.

Back by popular request........(mine)

Needs lots of practice and rather strong legs

Office and clink...much the same

Kensington Gardens

I took this photo of a friend way back in the sixties using a twin lens Rolleiflex camera. No automatic exposure or focusing in those days one had to use a light meter then work out apperture and speed before taking. I dont think photography suffered much for it though,maybe more photos about now but not so valued,so many of them tucked away in computers unseen.Much better to have them in a cardboard box and be able to pick them up to look at?

Monday, 23 February 2009

Possibly the oldest joke in the world

Essex Marshes

Wacom Tablet


1970 Oil on cupboard door........think I must have been broke


MG Super Sports

The drawing by my dad of the car to be seen in

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Thats a thought

my father Leslie Grimes 1898~1983

Illustration forBoys book of Motorcycles 1928


After a long and bitter struggle I have"painter Classic" back.My own copy refused to reload and the one that a brother sent me insisted I didn't have enough space.
It turned out to be a bug in the programme but there was a fix,far too complicated for me so expensive help was bought in and even he struggled as my security said the fix was a Trojan and wiped the program. security was unrelenting so security had to be replaced with a more compliant one and EUREKA I have a plain sensible drawing programme again. (fingers crossed)

Friday, 20 February 2009

Studio in Essex

My father Leslie Grimes at work in his studio in Essex,he was a cartoonist for a London evening paper right through the war and for the last few years of it moved the family out to the country to live in Strood villa on the Essex marshes. The painting on the right is one of his ,he was a very proficient painter,the desk on the left was mine where I was supposed to be drawing but if he looked over his shoulder out of the window he most probably would have seen me sailing a boat out on the Pyefleet marshes,far better than edification?

Blog author in flight......1944

You may have noticed this blog is big on pictures and short on words.
This is because I did my schooling in wartime when teachers were usually exceedingly old and couldn't see the back of the classroom enabling me to be drawing,looking out of the window or having a quiet chat,anything but study. however I was good at drawing and sports so that got me off the hook. I then left school at fourteen and was apprenticed to my father as an artist and spent the next three years sailing boats on the Essex marshes and keeping out of my fathers way who was very decent about it. then a short spell at art school studying girls as my time was short because at 18 I had to do national service and two years in the army. So education never really came into it,thank god for spellcheck but they don't do one for grammar punctuation etc hence big on pictures,short on words.

Home front

And make some nice cheap gas instead of that Russian stuff

Old geezers test

This is for blokes of my age who were children in WW2 and should be able to easily recognise all the aircraft above (except the Japanese ones) that filled the skys most days. Some could be recognised by sound alone,spitfire and hurricane with merlin engines especially. At night the German bombers by their desynchronized motors and resultant throb. I notice the Doodle bug (flying bomb)not in here which had the nastiest and noisiest engine of all but even more frightening when the engine stopped! picture to enlarge

Despair....cause and effect

Thursday, 19 February 2009


Oil on board...Cant remember when I did this,80s sometime. I think this one came out OK (unusual!) colours and tone seem to be right.may be a bit primitive but thats the way I paint.

Time for more Fred&Ginger

fantastic pins on Ginger Rogers methinks.

Things marital

Tuesday, 17 February 2009