Friday, 26 December 2008

My claim to fame

The young bloke in the black jersey dancing to the Tommy Steele music is me! filmed in the 50s,I was paid £5 for a days dancing (fair money in those days) and got a lift back to London in Tommy Steele's brand new sports car which was a bit frightening as he had only just learned to drive.Maybe it was that that dissuaded me from taking up a career in the film business.Excuse the dispirited dancing but the take that was finally used was at the end of a very long day.


  1. You were wise to get out when you did. My son took up a career in dancing and has had to retire with a bad back, knees etc. He was on the Royal Variety Show with Kylie and several other of her TV slots + backing lots of other singers. He got to see a lot of the world, but the legacy of painful joints will be with him for ever now and he is only 49.
    Great to see you on this Tommy Steels clip! You did well.
    Love Granny (*!*)

  2. Greedy lawyers stopped this one.

  3. Too bad. I missed it. And, here's me.