Tuesday, 23 December 2008

My Place.................renovations

Purchased 1968 with a bit to do
Bought in the sixties for a song,originally an old coaching inn "The Angel and Crown"but had been disused for 15 years and heavily vandalised. I spent one year restoring the building and barns and ran it as an antique business for a number of years.liked it so much I am still living in it in spite of the ghosties but the business long gone.The barn on the left is now my studio.

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  1. I know the man has passed away, but reading the blog he sounds such fun and amusement, its a shame I didnt know about blogging before and seen it when he was doing his blog. His pictures are delightful and I am sure you are missing him hugely.. at least you knew him well.. so thank you for allowing a person to read these words and blog even after you have laid your father to rest.. all the best J