Monday, 25 May 2009

From mill to pile

Trumps Mill Virginia Waters where I was born in the 30s Some of the rooms you could ride a bike in so my sister told me.I was too young to remember and we left when I was four.
Next owners improvements

As it is now, I assume the bit on the left is nearly original, last price quoted £2ooooooo. Maybe we should have stayed.


  1. Not a nice feeling is it when you see the price 'your' house is now selling for. But then if we had hung on to all things that have now increased in value, we'd have houses stuffed with things, including a lot of houses (in my case anyway) I have moved over 16 times.
    Nice to dream though... if only!

    Love Granny

  2. Think how much the council tax would be now!
    You would have to start selling some of those paintings...