Tuesday, 9 March 2010

79 Oxford Gardens

My kitchen,suitably decorated. taken mid sixties.
Rolleiflex 4x4


  1. that tea pot feels familiar, I'm sure my grandparents had one like it.
    lovely photo, lovely atmosphere
    thanks for sharing

  2. Yes, a wonderfully shot photograph with the lighting, and the figure
    so well defined. I wonder if you looked at Rinkly Rimes's photo of the house in which we lived in Earls Court in the 1950s! Oxford Gardens was nearby, was it not?

  3. Seem to remember Earls Court known as Little Australia and had some shops that opened all night? I had a girl friend that lived there at one time but I forget the name of the street.
    Oxford Gardens is the wrong side of Notting Hill.We moved there in the early sixties as it was cheap and large at £4 per week though the area itself was Edwardian grotty.

  4. I'd love to see all the pictures on the wall - my kitchen was like that too.
    Clicking to enlarge doesn't help much.

  5. Cheap and large at £4 a week... if only it still was!!xx

  6. Ladybird mum... Late sixties we swapped it for a house in Somerset,Where I be still be, me luvver.xx
    Kaz...The things I do for you xx

  7. Thanks Gerald. It's a great display.
    Wish I'd thought about the varnish.

  8. Isn't that your lovely lady sending a text on a 1963 Nokia? I once wallpapered a loo with Ordnance Survey maps. Colanonymous

  9. we all dream of kitchens suitably decorated with attractive women