Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Outside my shop (The Saturday shop) in Kensington park road,now a snazzy Italian restaurant.
To tell the truth I was far more interested in clocks and Victorian toys and didn't go in for buying peoples treasured possessions unless they were the above and not worth that much anyway...So went into stripped pine (one of the first)
where hard work was part of the deal excuse pun
Stuck it for a while but London started getting unfriendly what with drug pushers, muggers,parking wardens and market inspectors each with their little nasty empires so we moved down to Somerset which was about ten years behind and live happily ever after. Except the traffic wardens followed us down.


  1. Nice to see the real you.
    Love the collar on the shirt and the cool leather jacket.

  2. Never painted my chest.

  3. Now I know what I missed at the Hammersmith Palais!

  4. With that look, you could have been snapped up for a prime-time BBC chat show. 'Gee Time' perhaps?

  5. Think you hadnt been thought off at the time Kaz?
    Really like your blog Mago
    Was a rare visitor to the Palais BB,spent most of my time in the jazz clubs.
    They wouldnt let me in Martin, even with tie.

  6. Once upon a time...I was in a pub, talking with a friend about needing a small bookshelf, preferably pine. Another bloke in the pub suggested I "pop 'round the corner and see what my friend's got."
    So I did. And a tall, dark (somewhat brooding-looking, but very witty) young chap sold me a pine bookshelf.
    Yep! That's the one!