Thursday, 17 June 2010

Spring tide

The road to Mersea Island high tide.
In my younger days we lived at one end of this causeway leading to Mersea Island on the Essex coast. At high tides the road was under water,we were forever being asked if we had a phone (before mobiles)by drivers who didn't realise how deep the water was and flooded their engines


  1. Guilty as charged. We used to go over that very part and asked on the first occasion how long the water would be so high... was it you, I wonder?! (about 1965) xxxx

  2. Way before you were born Ladybird.W.M. (1948)

  3. you see, us brits, eternal optomists...

  4. Sorry to come over here with rotten news. Kaz emailed me and has posted her drama on her blog.

    So it's doubly good to see you back into the swing of things. Take care, but keep going.

  5. I love your scenes geraldgee.