Saturday, 24 July 2010


1950s party at 103 Lansdowne Road Notting Hill.I stood on the kitchen sink to take this photo as it was about the only empty space left in the house,but as usual, all the best action takes place in the kitchen.Upstairs two types of music,ground floor Trad Jazz,first floor Sinatra etc...worked well.
I think this was the one when a visiting Canadian airman who flew one of the first Comets(and who bought a copious amount of very strong gin with him) walked through an upstairs landing window thinking it was the way to the bog.He landed in the garden unhurt save a badly cut hand and had to be carted of to hospital,thank the lord he left the gin.Poor chap wasn't allowed to fly the Comet back to Canada though.
Good parties,never bettered,no trouble and those with to much of the hard stuff just found a bed and drifted off leaving no room for those with naughty thoughts hence no fights...!
Photo by Gee ....with trusted Rolleiflex 4x4


  1. Brilliant photo, Gerald. Interested in the story of the canadian and the comet, having a connection with both ... as you know the comet design became the nimrod with the addition of a bomb bay!

  2. If he later went on to Nimrods I hope they showed him where the bog was Sheila...! xx

  3. I swear that Canadian is my departed father in law. Tail gunner Joe.

  4. Comet pilot's christian name. FRED! If that helps.
    Lampshade designer. David Whitehouse! If that helps.
    Fatface hogging R/H corner . . .
    brocolanonymous. as if that matters.

  5. I remember well those kinds of parties - always gin and it, or something, in those days! Standing on the sink was probably perilous!

  6. Ah, yes, the best'd still find me in the Sinatra group.
    Notice that people dressed, as opposed to turning up like the dog's dinner.