Friday, 15 October 2010

My last steed

Due to advancing age,brittle bones and fear of dropping off the thing which can hurt a bit I have given up bikes after 57 years of bashing the roads.and am now on boring four wheels and sit in traffic jams watching with envy bikers creaming by and disappearing rapidly round the corner ahead that I know is going to take me ten minutes to even reach in my tin box... The only time a car makes for better travelling is when it's raining or on a motorway.
From a Vespa to a Zephyr,and a lot of bikes in between,,thanks for the memory.


  1. My youngest son is now the proud owner of 'My last steed' (Zephyr) He's keeping it under wraps. He has another beast, he fitted it with a security device. It snarlled like a dog when anyone went too near it. Now disconnected as it caused a crowd.

  2. Downstairs, in our basement "shed" is a Honda Valkyrie, with a flash paint job. It once belonged to the Honda boss man.
    Means little to me, as I have fond memories of being pillioned on a despatch bike, WW II vintage.

    But we happily allow our neighbour to park it downstairs til he builds his garage.

  3. Those old WW2 sidevalve dispatch bikes were great and still used for dispatching years later even in my days as a rider.OK as long as you didnt have piles.

  4. A pal of mine, still rides. At 55, he treated himself to a Yamaha R1. I saw it, close up, this summer. Scary!

  5. As cool and inviting as they look, the kids are still not having one...

  6. I sort of agree,the roads are crowded these days and the speed of the average car much higher than in the fifties and sixties and it's the cars that come of best in a meeting of the ways.

  7. I would like to invite Martin H. to the yearly meeting and blessing of bikers in Hamburg's "Mogo" - he would be surprised how many pals "still" ride at 55 - and quite a lot of them are older and still fit and strong and intelligent. Why should they not ride a bike, if they can hold it - if they are allowed to drive a car?
    Geraldgee: of course I am glad that my son drives a Pontiac Firebird (he is still young :-) , and not a Harley - that's what I think as a mother. As a woman I think "Danger is my business" is quite sexy. (Come to think of it: a Pontiac too :-)

  8. my last steed had four hooves- but after hanging up my stirrups for 2 years- it wers real gurrd ta roid agin on a Caribbean beach last week ! xx
    K & P

  9. It's cool!
    I get back from fall trip yesterday morning.
    It was so great trip! I will show you on my blog.^^