Monday, 11 October 2010


Tablet painting...........This afternoon.


  1. I've got a poem about winter in Brighton somewhere which exactly matches the spirit of your work. I'll send it to you when I find it. (When I put in 'search' I keep getting a Time Out message!)

  2. I thought it a real photo went through some post processing. Well done.

  3. Would be nice to include it if you do BB.
    No Wong. Painted with computer palate but in the same way as on canvas. I some times light it as with a stage setting that you cant do with oils.
    Sort of cheating but it saves time!

  4. I am enjoying seeing your most recent works!

  5. This puts the afternoon to good use. You've obviously mastered the computer palate.
    Love it.

  6. thank god for the computer...wont be sneering at the paint programmes any more.
    I cant yet stand or stool perch at my easel and never learned to paint flat on a table...I like to stand back to sum up much of the time rather than sit so near..Maybe I will learn how if things don't get better but thankfully my doctors and nurses hold out high hopes and I may soon be coming off most of the medicines and their nasty side effects and walking properly again.
    Anyway thanks for all your kind words,they mean much at the moment....(o:

  7. I hope you are up and running as soon as possible. I love the broody sky in this. It looks exactly the at the beach here and two days ago people were frolicking in the waves under a glorious blue sky. I think winter is coming.

  8. That dark sky - we have an Emil Nolde in the Kunsthalle, that also makes me shiver to the bone.
    I hope you will be better soon, dear Gerald, and have the chance to see the glorious flaming colours of autumn - they lighten up even a dark day. The best wishes to you! Britta

  9. beautiful geraldgee, sort of reminded me of the painting in Good Will Hunting, he one that Robin Williams' character painted x