Friday, 3 September 2010


  1. Love it! Not just a clever drawing but a WORDS 'thing'! A great pun!Please let me reprint and add my own bit of lunacy!

  2. Done!

  3. They could have used that in "The Godfather."

  4. Dear GeraldGee,
    first I followed Five Red Herrings, e.g. I detected a piece of 'poetry' in the Lyrics of a Song by 'SmashUps":

    She feels alive now,
    warm inside now,
    with a life in her hands.
    (...)he can't see all the madness?
    Scream murder to the mattress.

    THEN I heard the mocking laughter of dear Poirot - accusing me of „The ABC Murders" - one (G&) T too many, and I was led into a Blind Alley! Dear Siggi Freud hissed ‚Oedipus Complex’ into my ear – but I am tired of all those psychological excuses.
    Definitely it was no Locked-Room-Mystery – so dear Raymond Ch. wisecracked: „Down these mean streets a (wo)man must go“. I felt like Irene Adler, leaving The Rue Morgue behind me, walking at least A Mystery Mile, then I arrived at 221B Baker Street, where the sound of a violin signalled: Drowned Hopes. A clue from A. Bierce, confessing: „Having murdered my mother under circumstances of singular atrocity, I was arrested“ led me to the right solution: see „Fox News, May 13, 2009: "Wife of 1-800-Mattress Founder Killed; Son Charged With Her Murder"
    Elementary, my dear Watson!