Wednesday, 1 September 2010

My studio when I'm not on the computer or sleeping.

Looking down at the mess,I never did get round to be tidy.

Looking out at the yard,the studio faces north so is absolutely freezing in the winter so I have become a summer painter only....The bench by the fish pond is an early suntrap and perfect for first cup of tea
in the morning..The angel keeps me as good as
I can get considering my


  1. Lost! One angel! But you certainly have your own private heaven. Can't you paint with a heater in winter? Or two or three? Please point-out the angel!

  2. Think of an Angel
    as seen from behind,
    outside the window
    you surely will find.
    xx brocolanonymous.

  3. I told a lie BB,I have another studio inside the house southside.

  4. I might have guessed you did stained glass (my main subject at art college). I love your studio. I will be moving in on Saturday, thank you.

  5. Dear GeraldGee,
    your studio doesn't look messy at all!
    (As you might know, I am an expert on messy rooms - now utterly alarmed ;-) by dear Edith Hopes threat to leave me because of my latest w&P post "Male is beautiful. Again" I ask myself: is it at least allowed without disturbing the British people to 'quote' a Royal!?
    Because our son, when he saw the book HomeBasics that I wrote for him in special and all other young guys in general - said "We are not amused!" - but I was..)
    So, you can take my word: your studio does not look messy, it looks really, really good!
    Facing north must be the ideal light for drawing and painting, am I right? And you have that lovely walled garden to sit in sunshine.
    I love angels - they will bless you.
    Shere bliss wishes Britta

  6. Untidy? Messy? I could live with mess like that. It all looks pretty organised to me.
    I think your angel is watching over your garden as well.

  7. Many years ago I woke up one morning to find that massive garden wall had fallen down! Luckily inwards and not onto the road outside.Cost me dearly though as my insurers wouldnt pay up!

  8. No such thing as messy - only organised chaos. j xx