Monday, 28 September 2009

Amedeo Modigliani

Music~~~~Pasquale Catalano


  1. What a delight and an education. I'm untutored in art, but I had such a strong feeling of personality from each of these pieces of work. I felt I could write a biography of each one! The cello (was it?) came as quite a shock after all the faces, and I particularly liked the face that immediately followed it.The music is sombre but in keeping. I enjoyed it all from beginning to end.

    By the way, you feature on my blog today.

  2. Modigliani being one of my favourite artists.
    getting to be a fan of your poetry too.

  3. Do you make your own videos or do you find them on YouTube?
    Modigliani was great!

  4. YouTube search. I keep looking for good artist with good music. Can make good viewing when it's right