Sunday, 27 September 2009


Why do the old fashioned LP seem to give so much more satisfaction than CDs? Is it the size and the art work covers? the care one needs to put it on the turntable including checking the stylus for fluff?Or maybe even the sound?
Afraid most of mine in bad condition,have been to too many parties and not cleaned enough but those clicks have become part of the music and full of memories.
CDs seem without soul in comparison. As for those new fangled players that are worn round the neck with wires to the ears and a thousand tunes inside?
I have a vast collection of 78s and a wind up gramophone but that's another story.


  1. I like your blog it is for me a memory just out of reach, if that makes any sense.

  2. When I was a youngster in England, I loved to go to my Grandmother's house and play 78s on her gramophone. I can still recall the sound as the handle was cranked faster.
    Thanks for the memory.
    Sunny :)

  3. Part of me agrees with you and part of me rejoices in my MP3 player. I too have an old 78 player but old LPs have to be the favourites (it was the size of the covers and the feel of the vinyl. Even so I wouldn't be without my MP3 player - you can't walk the dog and carry a gramophone around.

  4. Simone. Quite the nicest Avatar I've ever seen.Really like your blog too.
    Sunny, Mine's a windup but the family gramaphonewas all electric,the volume worked by opening the doors wider.
    Alan. MP3.. Ahaa....Thats what they're called.

  5. My first time here - decided I had to come over from LWM to see your blog. I can only echo the thoughts of Mr Burnett above - I love vinyl but newer mediums are so much more convenient, especially CDs in cars with multi-disc players and MP3s on the beach.

  6. I think part of the appeal is the ceremony: unsleeve, check for hairs and scratches, load onto the spindle, switch on, move and wait for that first anticipatory hiss and crackle...

  7. Do you remember those automatic loading ones where the records were all held at the top of the spindle? Usually went wrong after a few plays and did heavy damage to the records.Think that was back in the fifties.