Friday, 23 October 2009

A REAL RADIO it even lights up.

German made Blaupunkt "Barcelona" Bought late 1950s. for 62 guineas which was a fair amount of money in those days but I bought it with some winnings so didnt feel too guilty in spite of being was a so called stereo radio with three speakers, a rotating ferite internal arial,magic eye and the latest thing, FM. three wavebands but medium wave was the one we listened too,much better in those days for some reason,I could get all the continental stations,this is where the rotating arial and magic eye was useful for fine tuning. and also Long wave for Radio Luxemburg for the latest hits, The BBC was very stuffy then mainly brass bands and cinema organs with maybe some light dance music in the evenings. There was no local radio,just "Home Service"(posh) and "The Light Programme"for the more common people But on the new FM band you could also hear Londons police cars!
This radio also acted as an amplifier hooked up to a record player for our parties in Lansdowne Road played full volume and still survived (slightly wine stained)
Anyway it still works with just a few valves(tubes) replaced, gets polished every week and listened too on special occasions even though turning it on is a bit of a fire risk..


  1. This is a great radio unit.I own one and its from my grandpa.I was wondering where can I get the manual.I took out the tubes and now I want to place them back but I dont know which tube was on which slot.Any help?

  2. Sorry,manual long gone.There used to be a printed label pasted underneath the set but just looked at mine and thats gone too.should be numbers on the tubes if you still have them and most of the sockets are different fits from each other.
    Ive replaced twice but the last time was a long time ago. Inside is dodgy now and a fire risk so take care.

  3. Thanks a million.
    I have the tubes and they are in good shape with visible numbers and all as the radio itself.Two of the tubes are on its place.The one that is on the top left and the small one behind the front tubes(its barely visible).But the four slots on the front are problem.That would be a lot of combinations for the tubes:)
    Anyway if you somehow realize what is the tube order this is my mail....
    Btw I've look at your picture of the radio again and just notice that it has 7 white knobs on the front.Mine has 9 but its also a "Barcelona".Its kind a strange.
    Take care

  4. try this
    This is not the same as mine,Ebay seems the best area for you to hunt
    enter Blaupunkt barcelona tubes.
    good luck

  5. haa its exactly what I needed!!:)) There's a pic from the back! AWESOME!:)

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  7. How much is this one worth?

  8. I bought a restored Barcelona model a few years ago.It cost $1,350 repaired. It has wonderful sound. The radio has 9 buttons, curved edges on the case, but no Barcelona logo on the speaker screen. I think it was removed during the restoration. H. C. Miner