Tuesday, 13 October 2009


I hate wide screens.I don't see the point of wide screens except to get you to buy one to keep up with the crowd. Its all black bars to fill in the gaps or fat distorted stretched faces to fill the screen. Old format films are unwatchable.
Wide screens are the wrong proportions for good composition ask any artist or photographer.
Next thing is wide screen mobiles which will require very large pockets or handbags and in a year or two ....TALL SCREENS then god help us.


  1. I agree - your illustration says it all.

  2. Whilst I agree with your rant against wide screens in general terms, the problem is that so much of the material they pump out these days is in wide-screen format. I am currently watching the news on my old non-wide screen telly and the faces all seem to be like sardines crammed into a narrow tin.

  3. Greetings from Australia.
    Couldn't agree more. I simply loathe wide screen. What's the point of watching a DVD in wide screen anyway? The picture's too small and who cares about the "bits on the end"?
    As far as wide scren goes -"Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" Couldn't resist that.
    Love your photo id/icon btw.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  4. Wide screens, cinema screens (at home) are getting so big they dominate our rooms. I can't watch television because of it... I feel as if it's taken over. Fortunately not a lot can be done to radio, except make it smaller!

  5. Dont be too sure about radio Valarie,FM broadcasting is due to be closed down in favour of digital,happily though quite a few tears left for your present FM sets.