Friday, 19 February 2010

The black pond

The black pond in Wales. An impression of a haunt of mine in the eighties & nineties. A pond at the bottom of a hill with very little light getting through.surrounded by thick brambles,I spent hours clearing the area and dredging the pond.I expect it's all gone back to nature now and unseen.
Drawn on a Wacom tablet. here a good toy.


  1. Gog's little acre? colanonymous.

  2. It's beautiful. I hope it has gone back to nature and not been drained and built upon.

  3. Down a secret valley Tina,Your sort of territory
    and miles from anywhere.
    known by a few as Gogs (me) little acre cos it was my haunting ground.

  4. Seems like a dark, deep pond with many secrets...

  5. Hasn't been built upon, the pond is quite silted up, and the trees have grown up, but still as peaceful as ever. I'll take some photos for you next time I visit.