Saturday, 6 February 2010

Gee wot was

Photograph from the sixties,Gee now twice the girth grey haired and short sighted,children coming up to their fiftieth birthdays,my beloved bike now worth twice as much as me.
I think its called the halcyon days? Was all a big adventure and being old was 30.

photo...rolleiflex 4x4


  1. So THAT'S where the Beatles got their hair-styles from!

  2. Certainly a man of fashion! But what have your feet got on?
    I must say, you don't look too happy to be sharing your toys, either.
    Love Granny

  3. Think they are soft Derry (motorcycle) boots well worn and comfortable.
    Think I always looked like that.passersby use to say "Cheer up mate it might never happen" even when I was perfectly happy up to that point.
    Maybe a sign of global warming?

  4. nice bike!

    cheer up mate...


  5. That's a classic! The bike, I mean.

  6. I can almost remember the 60s

  7. Hello geraldgee,
    I have two motor bikes 90cc and 250cc.
    I ride 90cc one everyday, 250cc is for long ridings in Japan. I can't wait for the spring.

  8. Hello Hare
    The bike in the picture was a 500cc Velocette clubman.I have had many bikes,the last one was a Kawasaki 750cc I wish I was still riding,I envy you.