Sunday, 21 February 2010


This is rather a long film but stay with it and weep.


  1. ("The bricks made by British workmen are hard and non-porous." How I wish that were entirely true! I've spent the past few weeks watching part of the side of the house exfoliating in the frost.)

    It's strange, when I was a kid street scenes like these were pretty common (OK, the cars and buses had changed and there were a few old gun emplacements in the park, but you know what I mean) but they're an almost entirely alien planet to my brother who's barely ten years my junior.

    "The value is in the home." - sigh...

  2. So...where do those horrid council flats (like the criminal estates beloved of "The Bill") fit in?
    I don't want a return to dark, cramped squalour, but modern housing is so flat-pack-Allen-key-included.

  3. I can remember having some pretty fierce arguments with architect friends about those council blocks going up in the sixties
    Whoever those that thought concrete was beautiful should have had their heads chopped off.
    It would be good if half the planning regulations could be got rid off and we built new towns and estates with individual character.
    Now I will hold my peace.