Sunday, 21 February 2010

Christopher Wood

To my mind perfect colour and tone. This painting has influenced me all my life but never able to get near.


  1. Well...I have to dip my oar in the water on this!

    When I first followed a link to you, via Kaz, I was smitten(is that an old-fashioned word?) by your banner.
    Really! I love this sort of abstraction with a nod to the early impressionists.

    If I had "spare cash" (what an oxymoron!) this is what I'd buy.

    If I want realism, I'll use the camera!
    No, I do not have a BA. I am a very lowly printmaker. Perhaps this the attraction?

    Thankyou for at least sharing it on the blog.

  2. I think you are near enough - to get any closer it would not be you anymore, but him! You have a very distinctive, pleasing abstraction
    going here. By all means develop and be uniquely yourself!

    I have a watercolor signed by what looks like Trowell. The first letter being somewhat ambiguous, so it is difficult to trace the painter. It is called Bracken, Tonbridge Wells. I began painting, learning a lot about his particular style of water colour painting. I still admire it. I often wonder if he/she did any others . Fifty years later I realize it is a very good water colour!