Friday, 27 February 2009

Field Marshal Montgomery drawn by my father

I am blessed with a lot of really lovely nieces,one of them sent me this portrait of Field marshal Montgomery she had in an old scrap book. It's a great find,it rang a bell with me for I remember seeing it when I was a boy.Grimey was a master of the quick sketch,he could draw a portrait from memory.When we lived in London he would sometimes take us out to Kensington Gardens with sketch books,sit on a bench,watch people walking by then have to draw them from our observations after they had passed. He always got it spot on for both clothes and faces,even type of gait !


  1. A great gift your Papa had. How wonderful you had this drawing given back to you ... so to speak.

    No one could mistake who it is, well from our generation anyway, I don't think the youngsters of today would recognise the likeness unless they were studying history.

    Love Granny

  2. Aha. That's where you get it from. I was looking through my grandfather's log books last night and one thing led to another...which led me to here. How small this world is.

  3. Spent this morning looking through all your old blogs and your other sites. Am full of envy!