Sunday, 22 February 2009

Fashion page for the discerning lady.


  1. Things haven't changed much have they, the female form is still oggled at, and you are no one if you haven't got the latest gear on. I have photo's of my mother in some of these fashions and that crinkled hair do, she used to say it was torture to achieve it.
    Reminds me... I have a hair appointment for Tuesday.

    DLWP is much changed then from the days you were there then, I have a photo taken 2 weeks ago in the snow of the outside. I think it is a charming art deco building. They still have art exhibitions and the like, and of course the theatre is still well attended. They have built a couple of blocks of flats just across the road, which I have a yen for as then I could sit and watch the DLWP and all that goes on around there... dream on, they are selling at £300,000 +.
    Love Granny

  2. Do you know Hastings? I once had lunch in an apartment block owned by the parents of a friend of mine way back in the 50s. The block was built in the shape of an ocean liner,we were on the top floor and one could walk the deck. Wonder if its still there? I find that things that have changed in MY lifetime havent much changed for the better but then I was lucky my parents were reasonably well off.

  3. That is The Marina. Yes it is still there... they charge the earth for maintenance when you are an owner. Most people are now opting out of ownership it seems. David's ex-wife Sandra has a flat rented out ( part of her divorce settlement) and she is struggling to get enough rent for it. She called on us yesterday and was bemoaning the fact that the owners now want to buy the freehold, so consequently she will need to find £18,000 to do so. In the long run though it could be of benefit, we shall see. It is however still a great landmark.
    By the way The Marina building is in St Leonards on Sea end of Hastings, mostly called by visitors as just Hastings for the whole lot, so we don't mind. I came to Hastings in 1965 when my first husband moved his business down here from the north west ( Southport... know it?)
    So I have sort of got settled here by default and children grown up here, so here I be. Still have family in Southport, so I was asked to go back up there to live when my first husband died (1990) ... but the roots had re-grown here, children friends etc. Then I met David in 1993....
    ... getting longer these missives aren't they?
    Great fun though.
    Love Granny