Thursday, 26 March 2009

What did I do wrong God?

Couple of days ago caught a cold from my grandsons collection.Nose running.Nose pouring.Much sneezing. Take to my bed early.Freezing cold under two duvets . Get fan heater pointing at bed.Even colder but also sweating. Migraine added.C.O.P.D. added.Sleep comes in half hour segments.Clock stands still.More Paracetamols. Background Radio 3,4,7,five live,world service,snatches of. Bed all over the place.Dawn. Migraine takes over.Concerned faces. An angel turns up with tissues and Lemsip.The day a blurr. night with more radio and fortified Lemsip(don't try this at home children)hearing less of the radio as some sleep coming back. Clock moving forward half hourly.Sleep. Dawn.Migraine gone.lungs working.nose back to sniffle.Cant see the bedroom floor for tissues.First blissful cup of tea followed by toast and marmalade,life is for living again.
Blog will continue shortly.


  1. Poor you! Hope you are feeling better now. Lots of fortified lemsip required I think. Take care, Sheila x

  2. Much better now thanks Sheila but me eyes still hurt from migraine so easy on the computer methinks xx

  3. Hello there G
    I can't leave you alone for one minute and you go all poorly!!!
    Just got back off the hol's and fired up the old laptop, and checking in on what you have been up to, I read how sickly bad you have been.
    So glad the sniffles are off to far away places and leaving you alone now.
    Plymouth was super, weather was great (only one morning of drizzle) and the new babbie performed a smile for her Granddad.
    Off to read some more blogs now.
    Love Granny

  4. Aarg...daggers in the eye migraines. Of course only exceptionally talented people get them. I see now you have recovered times ten.