Sunday, 22 August 2010

Best Bike.........YAMAHA XT500

Of all the bikes I've owned this one gave me the most fun...Not fast.Not off road stuff for but poodling along country lanes and exploring  the west country. Nice 500cc single chuffing along in a friendly way.I sold it for thr SR road bike version but that was a mistake,not half the fun.


  1. I'll give it its due, it's a very pretty bike. The sort suited for riding rather than posing.

  2. It's very good bike. But I can't reach my foot.^^;
    I am going to go to next trip by my bike for a week. See you geraldgee.^^

  3. yes Hare,It was a tall bike. Good for seeing over hedges and traffic !!
    Happy riding with your trip...Take photos please?

  4. Really!? The SR looked so good.

  5. Yes the SR was good but not so good as my old Velo,didnt have the character.maybe my fault,I had straight bars put on it when I should have left it as a tourer as it didnt have much go.
    The XT was just more fun,not really built for fast road with knobbly tyres etc but medium speed,back roads and and traffic dodging with its acceleration was loads of joy. A bit later I bought an Indian Enfield 500 Bullet but that was a badly built total disaster.