Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Most of my family.One still to come.must have been 38 or 39,the two older boys just back from Austria on a holiday swap,GeraldGee is bottom left ,.Sister Barbara showing a leg as she did for many years on becoming a ballet dancer.The rest of the brood went into films and fame and fortune....
I became a dispatch rider and enjoyed myself
slightly wickedly


  1. Dear GeraldGee,
    so many brothers and sisters - what a treat!(I only have one sister). And you look cute!
    Dispatch rider sounds adventurous to me (as "slightly wicked", which fires imagination - and you claim not to be a man of words?!) I think it is important to enjoy oneself - as you seem to do very well!

  2. What a great family photograph! I seem to remember they were usually formal in those days so your parents are to be congratulated on allowing a really casual and lighthearted shot. I only had one sister, who died young, so I envy you!

  3. Lovely photograph! What a good-looking family.