Monday, 30 August 2010


Doodle on a Wacom tablet


  1. And that is a doodle!! In the same way that Shakespeare was a graffiti artist.

  2. Tablet painting is a doddle compared to oil on canvas. One can change the whole scheme in seconds with just a touch of a to do but it feels rather cheaty. bit like digital photography compared to film and dark room...

  3. My lecture for the day, dear Geraldgee: Digital photography and editing is an art of the times, an art in itself. Just as film and the dark room was an art of its time, an art in itself. Sounds to me like tablet painting is spontaneous, wonderfully creative. (Can you save it, I wonder). The intriguing image, clearly not your style, is produced with a new tool, enabled by the artist using the tool. So I kind of object to your putting down the 'tablet' and the 'digital' as cheaty(sic) sorts of art making. Thankfully, these tools were not around when you first began to develop your wonderful style of painting!

  4. Yes Margaret,you are quite right. You must forgive my grumpy old man role,I rather like acting it.
    I think the difference maybe is not being able to touch the object as one did in the darkroom or studio as it sits inside ones computer and much of the creative part is not of your own doing but worked out by the machine itself with the aid of clever programmers?
    Against that its great how these new tools bring in thousands of enthusiasts to have a go.
    Sorry if this sounds trite and clumsy but I'm not good with words.

  5. You are very good with words, just more humble than many of us! I blogged about the misconceptions of computer produced art on May 28,2010 Sorry I can't link in this space.

    In short, it is the artist (and his/her eye) who knows how to use the tools who dominates and makes the decisions about an image in the end. In your 'doddle'(sic) your signature is still there and I see it as an interesting new form emerging from your former approach. After all, a writer uses a keyboard (such as I do, sometimes) and I have found my fingers doing the talking! By the way, I haven't yet tried to use the more sophisticated tools available, using just what my Apple provides.