Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Passion Thwarted...


  1. Dear GeraldGee,
    first I looked up "airsex" in the dictionary - might be something I didn't know... Not to be found, as in real life, I hope :-)
    And the way that damsel in distress looks I'm very much convinced she is in need of a dictionary too - must have heard the word first time in her life.
    Always learning!

  2. And the first drawing fits in wonderfully with my desire to have a fresh look on minnesingers poetry - I'm (really, no joke) convinced they did not only sing and languish from far away, (as a career adviser I see a lot of parents who say: "Child, first learn a real profession, locksmith for example - than you can study Poetry!" Very sensible indeed..:-) and because I read a lot of Middle High German texts - that are full of beautiful images and vigour - I think I will some day be able to prove my thesis - that would be a revolution!

  3. Central locking - if only! I looked up air sex too, but am none the wiser (couldn't find it!)