Sunday, 22 August 2010


Velocette Clubman on test.(I had one of these in halcyon days)

1920s Speedway poster drawn by my father.

From an early "Green un" (motorcycle magazine)


  1. These are beautiful pictures! My father rode a motorcycle when I was a child, and I remember sitting behind him and racing (well, that's what I felt) with him around curves. So I was sure I wanted a motorcycle myself (with my slight tendency to megalomania - and my sense of beauty - of course I wanted a Harley-Davidson - my husband laughed and said I wouldn't even be able to hold her...) But everybody convinced me that riding a motorcycle should remain a dream, too dangerous, they said. Well - life itself is dangerous sometimes... I'm starting to learn the saxophone now, so maybe, after that...who knows?

  2. PS: Maybe you might like to have a look at my (amateur) photographs from the Motorcycle Church Sermon in Hamburg today - look under: -> Hamburg, my Lovely.

  3. Leather gear will just do as nicely, same effect! And I only dream of a Harley - as Everybody who knows me will tell you I am a person who is open for convincing arguments - practical skilled and independent: I can stand on my own -err - one -- two --heels...(but I don't trust a Harley for doing the same in my hands :-)