Sunday, 8 August 2010


The scooter days 1950s

 .Getting away from it all was a weekend nr Puddletown Dorset.In those days a long trip from London down empty twisty country roads and not a motorway in sight.A dream cottage in dream countryside....Bliss.


  1. My father used to have a Bella Zundap. Not sure, but that might be one on the right.

  2. Yes thats right Alan,My humbler scooter was the Vespa on the left complete with bent steering when my wife put it down a hole in the road on her first and last go on driving it.
    Scooter riding was fun for a while but soon gravitated to motorbikes for distance riding.

  3. My parents used to holiday near Arisaig. You could go for miles without seeing another car. I had to sit on a pile of blankets to see out the windows. Great times...and my brother had a Vespa.