Friday, 1 January 2010

The Battle of Treetogo

Tomorrow is the big day for getting the tree out of the snug without half a million pine needles on the floor which somehow are still found there in the middle of summer.
Every year I swear this will be the last tree but with a grandchild around thats a no go.
Last years real one smelled just like cat pee which wasnt great and had to be sprayed with stuff which wasnt green. Next year may be a plastic one,not sure if thats greener than a cut down real one.
Greenest way would be to go and spend christmas in a pine forest but I would need a very long lead for the lights.
Meanwhile does anybody know how to get a tree through the house without shedding all its needles?


  1. I'm sure you'll manage. Or you could do what I did in a cramped London flat. Spread a large sheet on the floor, lower tree onto sheet, wrap
    (as for burial at sea) and get someone to help you carry it out.Sobriety is recommended.
    Happy New Year to you, Sir!

  2. Good advice but not sure about the sobriety,think a good send away party in order and a happy new year to you too Moreidlethoughts.
    PS nice site will be visiting again.

  3. Love the pic of this room. What a beautiful, cosy home!

  4. Was an old coaching inn built 1650 and still standing but rather expensively I'm afraid.

  5. Sheet on the floor, Vacuum cleaner with no attachment (Open ended tube) and secateurs.
    Shove each branch down the tube bit by bit, cutting of the de-needled ones as you go and empty vacuum cleaner outside before you forget!
    Happy New Year Mr Gable.
    PS. Thanks for the wide chimney bless you.

  6. I'm with the sheet idea - but I do commend S.Claus on being very up to date with his suggestion...

  7. Thank you for all the good advice but I think I'll just put a match to it and call the fire brigade as I usually do.

  8. I reckon you shake the tree until no needles left on, helps if on a sheet. Then it is easy to take out. Clare
    PS Happy New Year Gerald from all at Orchard Cottage.

  9. No Way Out without those damned needles everywhere... even find them from several Christmasses ago... go on, set fire to it. You know you want to. xx

  10. I am now considering setting up a training school for getting rid of pine needles. Filling up the house with live in aspiring young English beauties one of which will have to go every week and a fat sort of lady to give demonstrations and talks on etiquette for festive cleaning.
    Plus a television crew to film it all for a series on BBC two.
    But on second thoughts burning the lot as Ladybird world mother has suggested would be easier and far less trouble re insurance now there is a third party involved.