Friday, 29 January 2010

Essex Moorings

Painted from memory of typical Essex shoreline of the late 40s where in my youth I lived and did much sailing. Essex in those days was uncrowded with few restrictions except for the wartime ones and was a great adventure ground with miles of quiet deserted creeks to sail in and happily no speed boats or jet skiers.
I did this painting in the late 60s.its all household emulsion and black indian ink on a wooden panel,I've borrowed it from my gallery.


  1. Lovely! It reminds me, too, of the sailing I did in the 40s, in Southbourne, in an inlet that led to the river Stour. We had a house overlooking Hengistbury Head from which I could see, from my bedroom window, the cliffs of the Isle of Wight. Do you actually have a gallery, I wonder, or are you referring to a portfolio gallery.

  2. It would seem quiet dinghy sailing is a thing of the past Margaret but I would love to live overlooking the marshes again but only if we could go back in time.
    Portfolio I'm afraid,been a fair few years since I've exhibited.

  3. I am not sure what your PS is referring to?
    Well, I think that blogging one's portfolio is a wonderful way to
    exhibit- we move with the times!

  4. PS The penny has dropped! I get it now!

  5. I love it. Used to sail in and around Mersea, and later on near Landermere, near Frinton. Lovely. You are so talented... I just love coming over here and seeing what you've posted this time.
    BTW quiet dingy time still goes on. Am teaching my children to sail... they love it too. xx