Tuesday, 12 January 2010

E.W. Douglas

This was drawn by my father Leslie Grimes for a Douglas sale brochure way back in the twenties.Being small in size he used to passenger racing sidecars at Brooklands as a hobby.
He himself owned a Brough Superior.Wish I had lived then,I'm sure motorcycling was far more fun than it is now.
I owned a couple of Douglas bikes in the sixties,one a dragonfly,rather slow but very comfortable for long distance,seem to remember it had a five(or Near)gallon tank and could go for ever without stopping for petrol which made up for lack of speed. The other was a Mark V which was extremely nimble and I used as a wet weather bike instead of the Velocette Venom in my dispatch riding days.


  1. It seems you take after your father in many ways.

  2. Looks quite a dangerous sport, even for then. Good Ole Dad, he was so talented too.
    Love Granny