Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Studio photos past

Old studio pictures using negative film and my trusty Olympus OM4 camera then on to darkroom which I still have but never use except for storing junk.
Digital much more convenient and easy but a lot less satisfaction and skill. But I still have my negatives so scan them into computer add border,fine tune then here.


  1. Gee! I'd be struggling in a darkroom these days! But I used to process my 126 rolls from my Box Brownie and my Dad's ancient folding Brownie.Back then, with colour film so expensive, I earned a few bob hand-tinting photos.
    Now I feel really old!

  2. What an exciting life you have led!!!
    Wish I still had a figure like that.
    Love Granny

  3. moreidlethoughts
    my first camera was an Ensign Coronet and I still have my first print though in those days and it was Boots the chemist for developing.
    My darkroom was only for black and white,colour printing was a bore,that's where digital scores!

    Rather a dull life actually,very untraveled and no career,just muddled through...
    Its a shame Granny but gravity visit us all.

  4. Lovely pictures. Whilst I agree with you about the delights of my old b&w darkroom (full of old suitcases and other junk) I must admit that digital photography brought some of the control back which I lost when I started moving to colour photography. I always found that colour processing was so light and temperature sensitive that I didn't feel in charge like I did with b&w processing (and I do with digital manipulation)

  5. What I really disliked about colour processing was the working in the dark unlike B/W

  6. I'm beginning to think that "a dull life actually,very untraveled and no career,just muddled through..." is perceived as interesting to many. If that's the case I, too, have led a life that could be the envy of others. Hmmmm...

    Nice photographs.