Sunday, 17 January 2010


Yesterday I think due to the cold and damp weather and in spite of central heating,one of my hips gave out and I can no longer walk! I had never realised what an impact this would make,I have to painfully lurch from one piece of furniture to another to make any progress,getting to the lav a nightmare and cooking is impossible.
Luckily there was an apple pie in the fridge so that was supper and breakfast and I have just made a cup of tea....bliss.
It's still too early on a Sunday morning to phone for help so I shall shortly grope my way from here to the couch and Telly and sit it out.
One thing....Its taught me how difficult it must be to be disabled full time.
Turned out to be sciatica,am still immobilised but have nice handful of painkillers....Happy days..


  1. Sorry to here the news. I hope rescue arrived and recovery is rapid. Best wishes from all and look forward to finding you up and running . . . well maybe running isn't quite the right word but you know what I mean.
    In short "WE DO GIVE A DAMN" Brocolanonymous

  2. That's not so good Gerald. Hope you have managed to get some assistance by now. Take care and get better soon. xx

  3. Yes, take care of yourself. The apple pie sounds like a good place to start.

    I was on crutches for six months in 1993. progressing to a single walking stick felt as though I'd been released from chains.

    Get better soon.

  4. Oh dear! Get yourself on a plane and fly to some of our sunshine! That'll get you right in no time. Till then, we're all thinking of you. Seriously, I hope you get help soon.

  5. Much sympathy and empathy.
    I was there for only a few days 4 years ago. Thank goodness for telly and internet.

  6. Thanks for all the sympathy (where's the tea?)
    Have now got help and all organised now which is great.
    Back to catching up on blogs and then hop over to telly to watch recording of Slumdog Millionaire,see you later.

  7. Sorry I'm late, trying to catch up with things. Hope it's got better. Having recently done my back no good at all I can empathise with the frustration. They're threatening more snow and ice, so take care once you're back up and running!