Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Personal Statements

There was a day when all cars looked different and matched ones personality as this picture shows. However I remember an ad man telling me they always chose small people to pose with cars to make them look larger than they actually were.
Not sure if this is a painting or a photo or both but it's a damn good advertisement and makes me wish I had the car,but not the pipe.


  1. Never mind the car - I dig that luscious green woodland above it...

  2. So do you think they had little mini hats and pipes and stuff, like a doll's house. What fun, a real life person to put to bed and dress.

  3. Oh yes - as a kid I could identify all the cars.
    My dad had an old Wolseley and then a Humber Super Snipe (though mum wouldn't let him use the word super as it sounded like showing off).
    I loved riding on the running board.

  4. We had a Humber but earlier than Super Snipe,before that a Bently Saloon (above) my dad also used to let us ride the running boards and poke out of the sun roof on quiet country roads.
    The advert car is an 1933 Hupmobile...splendid running boards what?

  5. I wasn't invented when this family photo was taken but I do remember my older brothers standing on the running boards, lying on the mudguards and sitting on the roof with legs through the sun-roof. I was also told that my two eldest brothers were towed on skis when there was snow on the grounds. What a great dad. colanonymous.

  6. PS My dad (sitting on the bumper) was small enough to be in a car advert...