Saturday, 26 December 2009

Charlie Gee

Blogger in waiting


  1. Charlie needs a booster seat!
    Seasonal Greetings to you all Gee.
    Wet Wet Wet here!!!
    Better than the snow though.
    Love Granny

  2. 'In waiting'? It looks like he's already there!

  3. He's looking good. As, indeed, is that very serious mirror!

    Hope you're past the lurgy.

  4. Quite frightening,he can work YouTube at the age of four and a month. Alternates between "Snow White" and "Dufy".
    Lurgy past thanks. Christmas pushed back to Boxing day with all the family round and very enjoyable.
    Serious mirror was bought from a closing down Co-op,thats only a small part of it in the photo. One of the most frightening time of my life was bringing it back home holding it upright on the back of a flatbed lorry!