Monday, 7 December 2009

TRUMPS MILL...Then and now.

Trumps Mill is where I spent the first four years of my life but I dont remember a thing about it,only the family tales that went with it. Didnt cost anything like the money its going for now.Guess we should have hung on to it instead of moving to a modern 1930s house but there you go.


  1. We, too, had a beautiful family home in rural Hampshire, with almost an acre of garden. I regret to say that, as a family, we weren't quite clever enough to hold on to it. The photographs are a poor substitute, but they're all we've got left....along with the wonderful memories.

  2. If we knew then what we know now .... we would have probably been locked up as madmen.

  3. Hindsight is a useful attribute! I keep wshing I could sell me old gas-mask on e-bay!