Monday, 28 December 2009

Last painting in 2009

Its been a bad year on my painting scene, not much done and the studio too cold now to mess about in.
Has allways been that way with me,periods when I just cant get into gear and the imagination goes flat and I'd rather be on my motorbike or computer(or doing nothing)for maybe a year or two then a period when I just don't want to be away from the easel and bugger everything else. Complete lack of discipline I suppose,its a bit late to change that at my time of life.
You may have seen this one before,I've made several changes in the last couple of months but got to stop now as it's gone as a Christmas present to family.


  1. You can stop for 2009 but be sure you start up again on 1/1/10!!!!! Who sez? I sez!

  2. HERE HERE!and again HERE HERE!
    So do I sez!

  3. I like it, Gerald. Just been for a walk along the beach and the sea had all those colours in it. Well that was before the snow came in and everything turned to grey! A Guid New Year to you when it comes. xx

  4. Makes me think of the white cliffs of Dover! A great addition to your portfolio of paintings. Lucky family! (I have been working on an etching ((a triptych)) for months and couldn't quite finish it in 2009). I watched your progress with interest! I wish you a happy and productive New Year!