Thursday, 31 December 2009


Look HERE for Geraldgee cutting his rug at the best New Years Eve dance ever.

All the London art schools made floats for a procession in the Albert Hall which were then allthough guarded by rugby teams, demolished on site with great relish.

My own school had a very beatiful and topless mermaid on our float well protected from the young sports. If you helped with the making of the float you got a cheap ticket which is how I got in plus you got to aid the fitting of the mermaids tail

The crowds dancing were so vast you had to make rendevous points or get lost for ever. bars and food were up in the upper passages round the hall,at the very top were the casualities,by five in the morning that floor was full, to the sound of much groaning.

My most enjoyable New Years Eve ever!


  1. Wow - You really knew how to party.
    Happy New Year Gerald.

  2. I watched the video but I couldn't see Clark Gable! Which dashing young man was you? My New Year effort is even older and much more staid! Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New year Gerald. Just in from the first trek round the town with our lumps of coal. xx