Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Teresa Brewer............

And to think we used to dance to this..........God we were hot!


  1. Dances in The Iron Room! (The village hall!) Well, I remember the tune. And my choir still sings this song around the Nursing Home circuit, while the elderly (even more elderly than the choir!) tap their feet!

  2. "The nicest part of any melody..."
    This may account for the arthritic clicking of many knees!

    I found you at Kaz's blog.Love your cartoons!

  3. Welcome dinahmow,i think kaz's blog is great and sometimes I even dare to put a comment in amongst the masters.
    BB I seem to remember the more senior would quick foxtrot round the edge of the floor frowning at us youngsters cutting the rug.
    I think this was just before the twist when we in turn would frown at the more senior (and parents) as they tried to do it.