Friday, 25 December 2009

West Mersea

Have just noticed "Musings from a muddy island"is back. A site with great photos of the island and many interesting thoughts.
Have put the link back in "worth a gander"(sidebar) and here


  1. Merry Christmas Gerald. Have all the family here, it's been mayhem since the 6am shriek throughout the house that "SANTA HAS BEEN". Enjoying a bit of respite whilst the weans are down at their other Granny's! Hope you have had a wonderful day with yours. xxx

  2. Merry Christmas Sheila..soon be getting the coal in?
    Very quiet here this year,for the past week I have been hit by nasty lurgy and creeping around wishing I wasnt.Still,getting better now and managed a fair old Christmas dinner at a nephews.
    Love to you and yours...Gee xx

  3. Hi Ged. Sorry to hear you've been suffering with the plague. Hope the New Year brings you greater health and happiness.
    The "Musings" is is really great but has made me rather homesick. Am definately going back in the coming year. Cheers and thanks. brocol.