Monday, 7 December 2009

Snow time in Ladbrook Grove 1963

Doing the shop.

Was a cold winter that one.
Taken with my trusty Rolleiflex 4x4 I regret the day I sold that camera,I believe there are still some around but getting the film a problem. Cant understand why they dont do a digital version,taking a photo at waist height usually gets a better picture composition
Further photos added following comments


  1. I do agree - and also I did like that square format (although mine was not a Rolleiflex but an old Ricohflex twin lens job)

  2. Yep! Great little cameras for those who couldn't afford Hasselblad!
    And wasn't '63 the year the North Sea froze?

  3. Hey! That's about the time I left England for Africa! Now I know why!

    Now your Word Verification is FLOGROD! What is it with you?

  4. Ahh, I remember it well. Whenever the winter of 1963 came up in conversation, my grandfather would always exclaim, "72 consecutive frosts!"
    Strange, the things we remember.

  5. Beautiful - very Robert Doisneau.

  6. Well does Geraldgee remember that winter, he was a dispatch rider at the time and quite a few dents to prove it.
    Robert Doisneau my favourite, Kaz!
    I still have a twin lens Mamiya for studio use but rarely used these days Alan.too much hassle.

  7. Stayed indoors that winter and learnt how to play monopoly.

    Great photos!


  8. Chalcot rd. London. Snow was cleared, all thrown to one side of the road ... My Norton lived under it for what seemed weeks. Ruined!