Tuesday, 29 December 2009


The items here are Christmas presents from a very good friend in Japan.
No,they are not cakes or sweetmeats,one is a scarf,the other a face cloth.
This is the first time in my fairly long life that I've really enjoyed getting a scarf and flannel at Christmas and I've had a few!
The only snag is I will never be able to bring myself to unwrap them so will have to be cold and unwashed for the few remaining years.
Anyway,thank you Masako for the lovely presents from afar.


  1. How sweet of Masako! I have been trying to decipher what is what... nothing looks like a scarf and nothing like a flannel... a cunning disguise obviously!

    Love Granny

  2. Fabulous.
    You must wear the scarf - perhaps this Autumn.

  3. I'm happy you enjoyed them.they are popular in Japan,there are many kind of them.
    ....I'm not a enployee of this company :P